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Page added on May 6, 2010

Tharunyata Hetak Bana Program for Adhi Vesak Poya

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Society offers us many Hurdles, Trials and Tribulations it’s at our own standstill that we have to face these factors. In a Societical context there comes an unfortunate point through our own folly’s or unavoidable Circumstances that people get imprisoned. In the context of Rehabilitation, Tharunyata Hetak wishes to lend a helping hand.

The 16th Chapter of the Bana program open doors successfully at the Galle Remand Prison. This initiates the 16th Chapter of yet another innovative project by commencing a Bana Program on every Poya Day at Prisons all over Sri Lanka. The aim through this project is to bring peace of mind and harmony to prisoners. The Place for the event was the Galle Remand Prison. It was on the Adhi Vesak Poya day at 09.00 am which was carried on for one hour. The Bana held on the day was the 16th Bana session for which it is expected to be carried on every consecutive poya day.The Bana was held by Kiduranpitiya Ananda Piriven Dr Shasthrapathi Venerable Balaharuwe Chandima Himi. The Project Heads were M.C. Phillip, R.N. Rajapaksha and Ravi Chaminda Athapaththu. In which the very essence of Success and our underlying purpose of this project is that we are able to serve our Society. In the context of the program as the 16th step of the success Formula we received many letters of appreciation from the Prison Inmates who took part for the Bana Session.



Providing Houses for needy people thumbnail Providing Houses for needy people

Namal Rajapaka handed over another newly built 20 houses to the 20 needy families in Thissamaharama area last week. This is another step of “Palpathin - Nawa Lowata ” concept which is formulated by MP Namal Rajapaksa aiming to provide complete houses for all those who lives without a permanent house.

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Preliminary health dev programme in Beliatta and Sooriyawewa thumbnail Preliminary health dev programme in Beliatta and Sooriyawewa


RUSSIAN GOVERNMENT SCHOLARSHIPS Tharunyata Hetak offers yearly scholarships to its members in Russia for Medicine and Engineering.Please note that the entry criteria is attached below.
Those who wish to apply please contact Mr Ashan Shymal Wijeyrathna 0114354789 at the Tharunyata Hetak organization before 5th May 2014.


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